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I hope my paintings will inspire you.  I like them to be spontaneous and playful with lots of bright, splashy color.  
I am always on the lookout for provocative out-of-the-ordinary subjects to paint. My goal is to choose subjects that are fun and that you can relate to. 
Watercolor of Torremolinos Hotel Guests
Painted on location in Torremolinos, Spain at our hotel patio where guests relaxed with conversation and cool drinks. They paid no attention to us as we painted them. Painting on location is a favorite pastime. I love the villages and scenic landscapes of Central Texas.  And I have traveled and painted in Bermuda, Spain, France, St. Maarten Island, Colorado and throughout the great state of Texas.

"Hotel Guests, Torremolinos" 
24 " X 18 "  $400

Watercolor of Villefranche Marketplace
Painted on location at the Marketplace in Villefranche, France.
I do, also, use my own photo references, choosing to rearrange, invent, dramatize and otherwise try for unique and colorful images.

"Villefranche Marketplace" 
24" X 18 "  $400

All of my paintings & images are protected by the copyright laws in the United States and worldwide. I reserve all the rights and will defend my work according to the United States copyright laws. Any reproduction in whole or in part is NOT allowed without my written permission....All art work, photographs and images are UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT©DOROTHY JOHNSTON.  
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